Saving ahead of time is one of the most significant things you can do to help make higher education a reality for a child, and College Savings Iowa is here to help. Jumpstart your savings today by registering a child you know for a chance to win a free College Savings Iowa account contribution.

College Savings Iowa offers an easy, affordable, tax-advantaged way to save for higher education. By starting early and saving regularly, you can watch your savings and your child grow side by side. They grow up fast. Plan now for their tomorrow.

Roby Smith
Iowa State Treasurer

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June 28, 2024

DES MOINES – State Treasurer Roby Smith awarded a $1,000 College Savings Iowa contribution to the Helgeson family of Lake Mills after 5-year-old Clayton was drawn as a winner of the 529 Day campaign giveaway in May. “Investing in a child’s future could be the difference between a dream and...
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