Knock Your Education Savings Out of the Park with College Savings Iowa

April 13, 2022

Guest Editorial from State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald

I am a long-time baseball fan. From attending my children’s games when they were little to supporting both the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs, baseball has always been a hobby of mine. As baseball season begins, I am struck with how the fundamentals of the game also apply to saving for education. As administrator of the College Savings Iowa 529 plan, I am always looking for ways to encourage families to save – and baseball is no exception.

It’s a team effort

Just like baseball, saving for education shouldn’t be a one-person job. Anyone can open a College Savings Iowa account, so enlist the whole team for help to maximize your scholar’s savings!

Be “on-deck”

Players do not go up to bat without first practicing their swing. Be “on-deck” and prepared for your student’s first tuition bill by saving early and often. Even a small amount can be of great help to your child!

Find your fit

In baseball, trades may happen when teams and players aren’t a good match. Likewise, if you find your investment allocation isn’t aligning with your savings goals, switch it up! Twice per year, College Savings Iowa participants can move their money to a different portfolio to better suit their needs.

Load the bases for a grand slam

A grand slam may feel unattainable initially, so focus first on loading the bases. Build your education savings the same way – by setting smaller, more attainable goals – and soon you’ll be on your way to scoring big!

Like a worn-in glove or a favorite bat, College Savings Iowa is a powerful tool. To learn more about the Plan and its benefits, including a state tax deduction for Iowa taxpayers, visit

About the author: Michael L. Fitzgerald is the State Treasurer of Iowa. He serves as the State’s banker, coordinates bonding and invests Iowa’s money. Under Treasurer Fitzgerald’s leadership, Iowa launched important programs including the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt unclaimed property program, College Savings Iowa 529 education savings plan and IAble, Iowa’s ABLE plan for individuals with disabilities. To learn more about the Treasurer, visit For more information on College Savings Iowa, visit


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