Storm Lake family wins a $5,290 College Savings Iowa Contribution

October 19, 2023

DES MOINES – State Treasurer Roby Smith is announcing the Lange family of Storm Lake is the winner of a $5,290 College Savings Iowa 529 plan contribution for their daughter, Harper. Katie Lange’s entry was randomly drawn from more than 3,200 entries during the College Savings Month giveaway. “Celebrations like this give me an opportunity to share the benefits of 529 plans and the importance of saving for education expenses,” Smith said. “In addition to boosting Harper’s savings with this giveaway, I hope it also raises awareness about how easy it is to invest in the future dreams of the children in your life.”

“The College Savings Iowa account my parents set up for me when I was young funded my college education, and my husband and I strive to do the same for our daughter,” Lange shared. “We are grateful for this giveaway as it will help us begin to build the foundation for Harper’s future education.”

With over $5.7 billion in assets across more than 284,500 accounts, College Savings Iowa helps families save for future education expenses. Money invested can be used to pay for tuition; room and board; computers; textbooks and other qualified education expenses at any eligible higher-education institution in the U.S. or abroad. This includes colleges, universities, trade schools and apprenticeship programs. In addition to higher-education costs, up to $10,000 per year per student can be withdrawn from a College Savings Iowa account to pay for tuition expenses in connection with enrollment at a K-12 institution.

To learn more about the Plan, visit or call (888) 672-9116. Connect with College Savings Iowa on Facebook , Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter, to stay informed on current events and updates. For additional details about the Plan, read the Program Description.


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